Meet the Ladies of MM Brands

Melissa Moore Headshot

Melissa Moore
CEO / Creative Director

Melissa Moore is involved in business strategy, creative oversight, campaigns, client relations, website development and overseeing the entire MM Team. As a southwest Florida native, Melissa respects and truly loves the community. Client relationships are immensely valued and Melissa does whatever she can in her power to make sure our clients are always happy with our services. 

“Your business is our business and we treat every project as if our name were stamped on it. We’re not just a marketing agency. We’re a part of YOUR team!””

Melissa Moore Pink Room
Amanda LeDrew MM Brands Marketing Director

Amanda LeDrew
Marketing Director

Amanda LeDrew leads our marketing efforts with creative concepts that deliver exceptional results for our clients! Her confidence, charisma and sales background allows her to effectively guide clients through the marketing process from start to finish. She’s a natural leader and is always up for a challenge! Amanda is proficient in creating marketing strategies, branding content and campaigns. 

Amanda LeDrew Marketing Director MM Brands
Lindsay Sigg

Lindsay Sigg
Social Media Manager

When it comes to social media, this girl knows what she’s doing! From Facebook and Instagram to TikTok and SnapChat, Lindsay can create content to increase engagement, followers and overall brand awareness for your company. Lindsay is hyperaware of trends and popular digital marketing tactics, which makes her somewhat of a social media wizard. Trust us when we say – your social accounts will catch a whole vibe with Lindsay’s magic touch.

Lindsay Sigg Social Media Manager
Angelique Decker Headshot

Angelique Decker
Event Manager

Our event division is blossoming and we are absolutely thrilled to have brought on a new Event Manager! Her communications skills and inviting personality have allowed her to create quality relationships and engaging opportunities for clients. She is involved in the concept creation, strategy, execution and reporting of events and is always brainstorming on how to enhance our event management efforts.

Angelique Decker Pink Room
Briana Catalano Headshot

Briana Catalano
Multimedia Manager

Briana Catalano has 10+ years in the video production industry. She is proficient in content generation, video filming, editing, and social media management. Her real specialty is as a media host, spokesmodel, talent and anchor.  So if you’re looking for a commercial spokeswoman she is definitely the girl for you.  We snagged our own REAL LIFE Kelly Ripa just for your business.  If you’re interested in promo videos, voice overs, or commercial work – shoot Bri an email and she what she can do for you.

Monica Pineda Headshot

Monica Pineda
Event Coordinator

Monica has 6+ years in event management. She’s well integrated in the southwest Florida community which has gifted her with ample connections in entertainment, vendors, catering and more. She’s quick on her toes and wastes no time when it comes to booking and scheduling. She’s a skilled writer and curates beautifully written press releases for large events. Monica’s skills include public relations, event management and community outreach.

Monica Pineda MM Brands